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How to Identify Female Cannabis Seeds

We cannot deny that the Marijuana Industry is growing bigger and bigger every year. More and more people have switched to Cannabis, in search of a more effective and efficient way to treat their illnesses. Good thing, these herbs’ ability to heal our health problems are all backed by legitimate medical researches. As the discoveries unfold, the surge of Marijuana usage around the world became unprecedented and unstoppable.

With this trend of demand, Cannabis farmers and Seed Banks are finding ways to grow Marijuana Strains faster and with a greater number. This is how the Feminized Seeds are born.

The Female Rules

Feminized Seeds are genetically modified seeds known to produce female plants. The seeds are originally capable of producing male and female seeds. However, this genetic modification pursues the female plants to have male pollens for seed reproduction. As the growers found effective ways to make the regular seeds successfully turn to feminized seeds, the Cannabis Industry, particularly those included in the Medical Cannabis sector, have enjoyed Cannabinoid-rich flowers that offer their much-awaited flavors and effects.

Things You Need to know with Feminized Seeds

  • They can live without male seeds

Yes, you read it right. Feminized seeds can live without the much problematic male seeds. They can even reproduce on their own through the help of maturity and modified pollinating cycle. This is the immediate response of some earlier Marijuana Seed banks that did research with the method of eliminating male chromosomes in the future plants.

As the farmers know, the male parts of Marijuana plants create some problems that may affect the growth of each strain at different times. We are not telling that Male seeds bring only nothing but hassles and problems. What we are telling is that male seeds may decrease the growth of every Marijuana Plants as it tries to balance the system within, to make it synchronized with the season, considering that Cannabis plants grow in different regions of the world, with different time zones, seasons and climates.

  • They are friendly for new growers

Feminized seeds are easy to grow, compared with the regular seeds that are also out in the market. Some Cannabis Users do not know this property of Feminized seeds because this genetic milestone for the Marijuana Industry has been suppressed during the early years, to avoid panic buying with the seeds that are easier to nourish and grow.

When planting these seeds, Feminized plants will not need you to check its male parts that may slow down its growth because the male chromosomes which build up the male properties of each plant, is simply nowhere to be found. The plant’s genetic composition is a perfect 100% coming from female genes.

As the plants grow, they even create bigger buds and better flowers which the growers are seeking after for. These flowers have different qualities depending on the strains they are designed to. With this property, the feminized seeds suddenly became a big hit for the new growers of the year 2000 onwards.

  • Feminized Seeds are responsible for growing that much-awaited flowers and buds

Yes, and the male seeds have nothing to do with its growth, aside from slowing it down or infesting the rest of its system, that’s why they should be cut off.

Feminized seeds are in-charge of creating spaces for the future flowers of your Marijuana Strains that are tremendously special and essential. It is in flowers that you can check the strain’s abilities with its smell, composition and flower size.

On the other hand, all feminized plants create better buds than those plants of 50/50 Chromosomes. It has been proven that feminized buds can create higher concentrations of chemicals due to their unregulated growth with time. They also do not experience stressful situations such as compromising the male’s regulation and physical contact with humans because they have to cut off the male parts.

With this powerful property of all feminized seeds, commercial growers and manufacturers have priced them higher than the regular seeds.

  • Feminized Seeds are more expensive than the regular ones

And because they are capable of doing miracles such as reproducing without the male seeds and beating the time against the Regular Seeds, the Feminized Seeds costs more expensive. These seeds are so special that it can blow your wallet away if you are not yet ready for any long-term obligations. However, these seeds are more efficient than the regular ones because of their special traits, affected by human intervention and perfected by innovation.

On the average, each feminized seed cost $10 to $30 each, depending on the strain and brand of the seeds. We are all aware of the existing hierarchy for the Marijuana Strains and the more that you aim for a higher quality of strains, the higher the chance of its feminized seeds to cost way expensive than the other feminized seeds. However, it does not mean that when you buy cheaper feminized seeds, they are of low qualities.

Remember that all feminized seeds are refined and have proven its abilities throughout the years.

  • Feminized Seeds are more sensitive than the other races

After all, these seeds that were produced from the careful and detailed ways of genetic manipulation, have also its downside. One of which is that they are too sensitive.

You will prefer not to touch them at all times during their flowering cycle because it will badly affect the quality of their flowers and buds in the future. It will also hurt their system, making it work with not the same perfection anymore. Every stress that you will apply on them means lesser highs for you, lighter effect and weaker medicinal treatment.

Consider that this plant is like an emergency fire button that must not be pressed by anyone at all times, putting urgent situations aside.

If I were you, I will just disregard the temptation of touching the feminized plants every single day. Just let them grow and things will perfectly fall into places, just like how they did trial and errors during those years of the invention for feminizing the seeds.

  • They cannot reproduce seeds

They can dominate the world with their best-kept qualities and abilities, but one cannot deny that a feminized seed cannot reproduce a seed from its own. At the end of the day, when you need to develop seeds to further create Cannabis Seeds, you will need the male seeds. Whether you like it or not, that is simply how nature dictates us of our important individual roles for the balance of life.

The same applies to these plants who almost have all of the privileges that a beautiful Cannabis Plant can have. They may be considered as the most enhanced plant race of all time, but they cannot reproduce on their own, and they will still need the male seeds for the continuity of life.

Despite this given fact, the feminized seeds are being studied with their greater ability to produce more potent extracts compared with the regular oils commercially distributed publicly and through online.

  • They are one of the newest inventions of seed genders in the entire Marijuana Industry

During the 60s and 70s, the hippies only know about the Regular and Autoflowering Strains, considering that Cannabis Ruderalis- the third Cannabis Mother Strain, is just discovered half a century ago and still not developed in Europe from where it came from.

As the devastating World War 2 ends, the Marijuana manufacturers struggle and lost a lot of their remaining assets to revive their dying markets and revolutionized the commercial transactions. This masterplan has been further cemented with the introduction of the Feminized Seeds and boosted prosperity for the entire realms of the Cannabis World. From then on, the people began appreciating the presence, abilities, and importance of Feminized Seeds being studied and sold worldwide.

Up to this time, no further developments being applied in the genders of Cannabis Seeds, aside from creating new kinds of strains in the market, with the use of regular, autoflowering and feminized seeds. To this date, almost all of the available seeds in the market have their female versions which are sold with higher prices compared with their counterpart regular seeds.

Wrapping things Up

Now that you know some basics about the Feminized Seeds, we hope that you will make the best of them to ultimately grow and successfully develop them into beautiful plants. However, you also have to be reminded that a feminized seed can grow up to more than one plant, so be mindful of the law for regulating the number of seeds or plants needed to grow in your household.

The seeds are suitable for you especially if you are a first-time grower. Your experiences with these plants can help you be a more efficient grower and user someday, gaining you more confidence to buy the regular seeds and build the legitimate Cannabis Garden of your own in the places that Marijuana is legally owned!