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Top 5 Quickest Autoflowering Seeds

Known for being easy strains to grow because of their hardy nature and autoflowering capabilities, autoflowering marijuana plants are also known for being some of the fastest strains in terms of growth. The quickest autoflowering seeds also tend to be some of the best ones to grow due to how efficient they are. Of course, this quick-growing capability is largely thanks to how they originated from the Cannabis ruderalis plant, which was able to flower quickly to avoid the winter season.

So, if you are in the market for the quickest autoflowering seeds to grow, here are some of the names you need to consider because of how they produce high-quality buds at a much more efficient rate than others:

  • Red Dwarf

While Red Dwarf is not the most popular name in the cannabis industry, it is nevertheless one of the fastest autoflowering strains in terms of growth and flowering speed. It also gives justice to its name as a dwarf because of how small this strain really is. Red Dwarf is also a mythical autoflowering marijuana strain that is difficult to find. As such, its seeds are really rare and are most likely only sold by its breeder.

Red Dwarf comes with an aroma that is really pleasant and fantastic since it comes with a classic earthy musk that is made better with the hints of spice and citrus notes hiding underneath the initial scent and taste. Its effects are akin to the usual indica strain in the sense that it has a relaxing vibe that is coupled with a bit of a cerebral buzz that will allow you to become introverted. However, Red Dwarf is not a potent strain and has THC levels that range somewhere between 7% and 15%.

True to its name, Red Dwarf is a really tiny plant that is perfect for stealth and indoor growing. It is a strain that thrives well in warm environments and has moderate yields. However, the cream of the crop is its growth speed. It will be ready for harvest in about six to eight weeks and is one of the fastest strains in terms of overall flowering time.

  • Quick One

As one of the first autoflowering strains bred and developed, Quick One really is a quick strain in terms of growth thanks to how its genetics are closely related to the Cannabis ruderalis plant. That said, Quick One is not only one of the fastest strains when it comes to growing but is also a very easy plant to grow due to how resilient and hardy it is.

Quick One has a citrusy and lemony kind of aroma and taste profile that is quite pleasant and appealing when compared to the other skunky and pungent strains on the market. As an autoflower, Quick One understandably has low THC levels that are somewhere close to 13%. In that case, this strain will not give you a heavy high but its relaxing effects are already good enough for beginners and for those who want a mild type of effect.

You will not encounter a lot of problems when growing quick one because of how easy it is to grow. It can thrive well in almost any kind of environment regardless of whether you grow it indoors or outdoors. Also, this strain really is very quick to flower and will only need about 6 to 8 weeks before it is ready for harvest. 

  • Blackberry

Blackberry is a strain that has won a lot of awards because it is a unique autoflowering strain that seems to be in line with the new generation of autoflowers today. Moreover, it is a very beautiful plant that is very appealing to the eyes because of its lavender-colored flowers and purple hues. This vibrant strain is a sight for sore eyes and is also a wonderful autoflowering plant you will never get enough of.

As the name suggests, Blackberry is a delicious strain that carries a dank aroma that is similar to classic marijuana plants. However, its taste is full of sweet berry flavors that seemingly burst in your mouth. And when it comes to its effects, you will be surprised to know that this autoflowering strain has a THC level that can reach 23%. In that sense, it is a potent autoflower that is very effective at keeping you glued to your couch the entire evening until you fall asleep.

Blackberry seeds are proprietarily sold and are always feminized. These autoflowering seeds are some of the fastest in terms of growth as they will be available for harvest in about eight weeks. That means that you will be able to get plump and juicy buds with all the THC goodness you can expect from regular marijuana strains.

  • Easy Bud

Easy Bud might be better known for its identity as one of the easiest strains to grow due to its hardy and resilient nature but it is also known as a strain that can yield results quicker than a lot of other plants. That makes Easy Bud the perfect strain for beginners who are also looking to get their hands on some good buds in a short span of time.

In terms of its taste and aroma, Easy Bud has a lemony and citrusy profile that is not really outstanding but is nonetheless appealing and very pleasant. Moreover, its effects are just as pleasant as well because you won’t expect this autoflowering strain to have high THC levels. It will induce a relaxing high that is great to end the evening with especially if you are not in the mood for a psychoactive trip.

Easy Bud is a very easy strain to grow as it essentially takes care of itself so long as you give it the required minimum care it needs. It will be able to survive a lot of adverse conditions such as pasts, molds, and diseases while also good enough to grow in almost any kind of climate due to its Cannabis ruderalis genetics. The same genetics also makes it a plant that will be ready for harvest in as short as only 48 days.

  • Northern Lights Auto

Northern Lights is already a quick strain to grow but the Northern Lights Auto plant is quicker and easier to cultivate than its regular variant due to its Cannabis ruderalis genetics. As such, it only made an all-time great strain even better than it was before. Northern Lights Auto is also closely related to the Lowryder, the first autoflowering strain created using the Northern Lights’ genetics.

When it comes to its flavor, Northern Lights Auto has the same kind of taste you can expect from the Northern Lights strain as it has a sweet fruity and earthy appeal that comes from the Afghani landrace strain. In terms of effects, Northern Lights Auto still has that classic body-heavy indica high but it is not as potent as the regular variant because of its lower THC levels. But it still is a very pleasant kind of experience that is perfect for beginners and for those who do not enjoy the heavy-hitting effects of high-THC strains.

Northern Lights Auto will not demand a lot of your time and effort when grown indoors and outdoors. It also is a short plant that makes it good for stealth growing. And when it comes to its flowering time, you can expect this strain to yield really heavy harvests in a span of only eight weeks.