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Top 5 Short Flowering Cannabis Strains

Autoflowering or Short Flowering Cannabis strain is an innovation when it comes to growing cannabis where it allows you to have a bountiful yield even for a limited time span. It has the ability to grow and mature without being dependent on daylight. This characteristic came from its Ruderalis genetics that allows the plant to grow and survive in an inhospitable environment. 

This kind of cannabis strain has proven its contribution to the medical industry because of its characteristics and its high level of CBD content. Most growers prefer this type of strain because they don’t have to wait long just to get what they want. In this article, we’ll know the perks of having a short flowering strain and we’ll give you hints about the best short flowering strains in the market. 

Advantages of Short Flowering Strain

  •  It skips the vegetative stage and it automatically proceeds to the flowering stage that is why it saves time and effort. This is ideal for impatient growers because it can grow fast. 
  • It does not need to follow the light cycle to proceed into the flowering stage that is why it is an advantage for those who are saving space because they don’t need to find a space which has ample sunlight. It is also favorable for those who have a tight budget because they don’t need to invest in some lighting materials to help the cannabis seeds to grow.
  • It tends to have a higher level of CBD that is beneficial for medicinal marijuana. Autoflowering seeds also contain helpful chemicals that are pest and mold resistant.
  • It allows you to harvest all year round because it is not particular with the growing conditions. Autoflowering plants will start to produce buds, no matter how many or how less the sunlight it receives. 
  • This type of strain can be cultivated easily just ensure that it gets the optimum nutrients and light exposure it needs to grow.

Short Flowering Cannabis Seeds


  • Northern Light Automatic

Northern Light Automatic is considered as one of the highest-yielding autoflowering strain. It is best to grow this strain indoors but it can also grow outdoors especially if the climate is warm. It provides a cerebral stimulation that is why the user will experience a comfortable physical experience. 

It can grow with a height of 80-130cm. It is also considered as one of the tallest auto-flowering strains that is why it can yield up to 200g/plant in 9-10 weeks time. Northern Light Automatic is also considered as a knock-out hybrid because it is a crop that is easy to grow with low maintenance and that it gives a couchlock effect to users. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, Northern Light Automatic is a branchy plant that provides quantities of dense buds. 

  • Quick one

The Quick One is considered as the pioneer strain because it is derived from the first auto-flowering strain which is the Lowryder. This auto-flowering strain is also known because it is considered the fastest growing strain. It came from the auto-flowering strain which is the Lowryder. 

In around 8 weeks time, these feminized seeds will turn into a sturdy female plant that is ready for harvest. Since quick one is a compact plant, it will only grow between 50-70 cm and it may yield up to 160g/plant. Many cannabis users love this strain because it provides a pleasant physically stoned effect that is relaxing. It also offers an herbal, citrusy flavor.

  • White Widow Autoflowering

White Widow Autoflowering strain is a well-balanced hybrid with genes of Brazilian Sativa landrace and South Indian Indica. This strain has dense buds that are white with crystal resin indicating the potent effects that it brings. It can be grown indoors, it can be harvested in 60 days or in 8 weeks time. 

White Widow is picky to climate and feeding. As the cannabis plant enters the flowering stage, flush the soil with nitrogen and phosphorus. It is well grown in temperate areas so it can produce trichomes that offer relaxation to both body and mind. This strain is popular among growers due to its short growing period and because of its overall qualities.

  • Blueberry AutoFlowering

As the name implies, Blueberry autoflowering is a fruity strain with juicy blueberry aroma and flavor. Cannabis users thank Blueberry AutoFlowering for its long-lasting euphoric sense and it is an ideal strain for those who are in pain and stress. It is one of the strains that can be used whether recreationally or medicinally. 

In 7-10 weeks time, it can provide you with colorful dense buds that have a high THC content. Expect to harvest approximately 450 grams depending on some growing conditions. This strain should be grown outdoors to yield high quantity. It benefits both user and grower because of its potency, bud quality, and terpene content.

  • Pineapple Express Autoflowering

Pineapple Express Autoflowering strain is a combination of Pineapple Skunk#1 and Cheese Crocs. With a unique aroma and flavor of sweet pineapple, this strain can be enjoyed through smoking and vaping. It is also one of the strains that are suitable for inpatient growers because in 7-9 weeks time it can give you yields between 100-600 grams depending on your growing conditions.

Expect that the buds are tight with long-running colas. This strain is considered a heavy strain but unlike some heavy strain, Pineapple Express Autoflowering strain will not give you an overwhelming feeling of laziness but however, it is the best use at night or when motivation and productivity are not needed. 


You can easily identify if a strain is a short flowering strain through its name that has the word “auto” or “short” with it.  Like growing any other cannabis seeds the factors needed to grow an autoflowering plant are the grow space, budget, time, security stealth and yield. The overall characteristics of an autoflowering or short flowering cannabis is an important aspect that needs to be understood because it has a lot of advantages that can contribute to the well-being of a person.